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HSS Forum Conference 2013

0. Opening of the conference
C. Pujana, President of the HSS Forum


1. Sustainability of advanced metal cutting processes: Assessment of Cryogenic machining
F. Pusavec - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


2. Dedicated Coatings for HSS Cutting Tools - Coating Specification and Production - Process adjusted to the individual Application
B. Huettermann - CemeCon


3. Innovations in machining: cryogenics, spindle speed variation, FEM simulations
S. Tirelli - MUSP Lab


4. Modification of the HSS heat treatment routes by the use of cryogenic temperatures
L.A. Alava - IK4-AZTERLAN Research Alliance


5. New PVD Coating
D. Romagnoli - STS Srl


6. Researches, simulation and testing for machining processes technology innovation
F.S. Chiari - GE Oil & Gas


7. Manufacturing of Gear Boxes - Technology of the past or bright perspective for the future of HSS tools?
B. Karpuschewski Otto-von-Guericke - University of Magdeburg, Germany


8. The latest technology of DRY Hobbing by the New HSS Material
T. Hoshiba - NACHI FUJIKOSHI Corp.


9. Reducing the environmental footprint of machining operations
G. Campatelli - University of Florence, Italy


10. Use of HSS tools with advanced PVD coatings for gear cutting applications
A. Farinotti - LAFER


11. Innovative new offer for taps
D. Rebois, J.P. Hoel - ERASTEEL


12. Tapping of TiAl6V4 with Diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated HSS tools
D. Lung - WZL, RWTH Aachen University, Germany


13. Advanced new cutting material
G. Kellezi - Böhler Edelstahl GmbH


14. Good luck, creating the conditions for success in life and business
Alex Rovira