Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. h.c. Bernhard Karpuschewski,

After receiving the Ph.D. degree (Dr.-Ing.) and holding for 5 years the chief engineer position at the University of Hannover/Germany, Bernhard Karpuschewski  worked for 1,5 years as associate professor at Keio University in Yokohama/Japan and then 4,5 years as full professor for Production Technology at the Technical University of Delft/The Netherlands.

Politecnico di Milano


Stefano Tirelli works as a researcher for Politecnico di Milano in Area 5 at MUSP Lab (Piacenza, Italy). His activity concerns the improvement of productivity in aeronautic materials machining. Stefano investigates, both with F.E.M. software and experiments, the effects on tools of innovative cutting techniques such as cryogenic machining and regenerative chatter suppression methods.

WZL RWTH Aachen University
Aachen, Germany

Fritz Klocke is head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen as well as Professor of Manufacturing Technology and Co-Director of the WZL Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen.


Olivier Verot is CEO of UF1 SAS, a machining expert society based in France. UF1 SAS is able to do R&D, cutting tests, various studies, training sessions, expert appraisal and advice in machining.

UFI SAS can also provide industrial engineering services: from the study of machining solutions to industrial production on our customers' sites.

UF1's know-how is recognized by leading companies such as EADS, ERAMET, Safran, Hexcel, Kennametal, Mapal, Seco, Skf, Volvo, Zodiac, etc.

University of Ljubljana

Assist.Prof. Franci Pusavec, PhD is an assistant professor and researcher at University of Ljubljana. His research areas are focused on innovative sustainable development in machining processes, cryogenic machining (liquefied nitrogen, etc.), dynamic behavior of manufacturing processes, diagnostics and control in manufacturing, etc. Besides research activities, he is active also in education/lecturing on BSc, MSc and PhD levels.